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An administrator decides to deploy non-persistent virtual desktops for the accounting department. Currently, the department usesphysicaldesktops and users has full administrative rights to their machines. Which capability will persist for users following a migration to non-persistent VDI desktops?

A. Application installations

B. Saving user data

C. Installing drivers for user peripherals

D. Saving application configurations

Answer: D

An administrator has been asked to enable mufti-monitor support for a graphic designer that needs to be able to use four monitors. After on boarding the designer on to the Frame desktop, the end user does not see the ability to use all four monitors while using theFirefoxweb browser. What should the administrator do to enable the ability to use all four monitors?

A. Switch to Chrome

B. Deploy Frame App

C. Switch to Edge

D. Switch to Safari

Answer: B

What should the administrator do to optimize the virtual desktop environment?

A. Verify if VAAI plugin is running.

B. Set Host policy to Balanced.

C. Add more resources to the cluster,

D. remove memoryreservation.

Answer: A

A company has decided to use Citrix Optimizer tool to prepare their gold image. Which two actions does Optimizer take to improve the gold image creation process? (Choose two.)

A. Optimizes storage capacityusage.

B. Optimizes user environments for better performance

C. uses built-in templates to performoptimizations.

D. Applies best practices for securing virtualdesktops.

Answer: B,C

An administrator is using a mix of full clones and nan-persistent desktops deployed via Citrix MCS on a three-node cluster. The full clone and non-persistent desktops are managed using separate storage containers. Which two Storage Efficiency features will provide better storage efficiency and performance improvement? (Choose two.)

A. Compression

B. Erasure Coding

C. Deduplication


Answer: A,C

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