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What is true about Nexus Sprint Planning? Select two best answers.

A. Nexus Sprint Goal is crafted during Nexus Sprint Planning

B. It is better if all members of Nexus can attend to avoid communication issues

C. It is time boxed to 8 hours for a 1 month Sprint

D. Nexus Sprint Planning replaces individual teams' Sprint Planning

Answer: A,B

Who participates in Nexus Daily Scrum?

A. Scrum Masters & Team leads

B. Product Owner, Scrum Master & Integration team

C. All the Nexus Members

D. Appropriate representatives from individual Scrum Teams

Answer: D

What is the purpose of Nexus Integration Team?

A. To coach and guide the Scrum Teams to improve their ability to produce an increment

B. To own the Product Backlog

C. To ensure that a done Integrated Increment is produced at least once a Sprint

D. To do the integration work

Answer: A,C

During Nexus Daily Scrum, a new issue has surfaced which can be resolved without outside help. Who should resolve the issue?

A. Scrum Team members

B. Nexus Integration Team members

C. Scrum Master

D. Nexus Daily Scrum Members

Answer: A

Teams want to integrate the code only before the Nexus Sprint Review. What can be the result of this? Select all that apply.

A. There may be too many code conflicts while integration

B. It will save Nexus members time

C. There may be too little time to resolve integration issues

D. Integrated Increment may not be available in time

Answer: A,C,D

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