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A customer is migrating its legacy marketing platform with Adobe Campaign.The customer has dependencies on a few significant custom database functions that enabled specific string manipulations and custom encryption. While developing workflow, the team struggle to match these functions that the customer was able to use prior to Adobe Campaign. What should the Architect recommend?

A. Get the development team to build a javaScript library to try to achieve what the sql functions are capable of doing.

B. Create workflow templates containing SQL codeactivities. Within each SQL code activity each database function can be defined.

C. Request the database team for the sql function defining and add those as SQL script objects in Administration -> Configuration -> SQL Scripts.

D. Implement the function in AC database and install them as package files in the prescribed xml structure.

Answer: D

An Architect needs to design a data model for a company that runs Multi Brand Campaign (Multi Channel). Recipients can be customers of more than brand customer and brand data will be delivered to Adobe Campaign in flat files extracted from an external database. What should the Architect do?

A. Create custom schemas for each channel and store al brand data.

B. Extend the Recipient schema and import all data from customer and brand

C. Create customer schemas for brand data and store customer data in Recipient

D. Create custom schemas for all brand and customer data

Answer: A

A customer has the following requirements for a new Campaign implementation:

* 20 Marketing employees will access the Campaign instance from three different countries.

* Marketing employees will use MacOs and Windows 10 professional.

* 800,000 of the customers in the CRM system are emailed approximately twice a week.

* The customer uses a small mobile app for Push messaging that has 20,000 device registrations, which the customer hops to grow.

Which two factors have the most impact on the infrastructure solution? (Choose two.)

A. Operating systems used to log in to the solution

B. 20 Marketing employees

C. Logins from three different countries

D. The Mobile app integration

E. 800k email profiles

Answer: C E

A client has a hybrid hosting model and is trying to send a request from a workflow to a third-party API. When sending the request. Adobe Campaign does not receive a response. What is causing this issue?

A.User name is password is incorrect

B.The URL is not allowed is incorrect

C.The URL is not allowed in the serverConf.xml

D.Logging is not enabled

E.Adobe can only send requests via http method POST

Answer: E

A customer asks an Architect to build custom Adobe web Portal application for the Managing Campaignexecution process.The architect needs to make sure web application data is protected from SQL injection attacks and loaded into an external centralized data warehouse system. Which approach should be used?

A. Apply formatString javaScript functions for processing the data in web application before exporting the


B. Apply digestStrSha1 JavaScript functions for processing the data in web application before exporting

the data

C. Apply escape JavaScript function for processing the data in web application before

D. Apply cryptString javaScript function for processing the data in web application before exporting the


Answer: D

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